How it works

What is Dispatch+?
Dispatch+ is a web hosted application for managing staff dispatch to a required skill set based on exactly what your organization needs. In short, it is a dispatch system. What sets it apart is the ease of use, the expansion capabilities and the fact that it can integrate into your payroll systems to simplify the task of entering/migrating pay information to another system.
Who will benefit from Dispatch+?
If your organization needs to assign manpower to calls, events or tasks based on skill sets or any set of prerequisites, Dispatch+ can save your business time and money and that makes you more efficient and more profitable.
What do we need to use Dispatch+?
Dispatch+ is very easy to use and access. Currently Dispatch+ works on IE8+, Safari, Firefox and most mobile devices, without the need to download a mobile app or any special configuration. So whether you are in your office on a desktop PC or Mac, on the road on a laptop or tablet or only have a fairly modern smart phone, you can do the tasks that you need to accomplish.
How does Dispatch+ save me money?
By standardizing and managing the assignment of resources for you, it becomes easier and easier to normalize your internal processes to take advantage of the accessibility and features of Dispatch+.
What are some other benefits of Dispatch+?
  • Standardized interface simplifies the user experience
  • Easier to train new staff as the system is easy to use
  • Removes much of the guess work from dispatching resources, as the system handles matching your employees to the needs of a task for your staff
  • Because Dispatch+ can generate the payroll output for a given period, you can rest assured that the risk of data entry mistakes when processing payroll has been greatly reduced. Dispatch+ prepares your import for a pay period into the format required for your payroll program, greatly simplifying the payroll process.
  • Dispatch+ is programmed utilizing best practices and efficiencies based on the knowledge of experienced resources that have proven track records in team management, resource allocation and improving the profitability of businesses.
  • Dispatch+ includes all future updates on our standard package.
  • Let your staff visit sites to perform their needs assessments and before they even leave the site, they can have the prerequisites of a task in place and other staff can immediately begin filling their needs.
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